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Short Run Molding Company
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To Request a Quote

  1. Please download a quote form and fill in the requested information. Trace your molding in the box provided.

  2. Email, Fax, or drop off the form in our drop box. (with a sample piece of molding, if possible)

  3. We will contact you by fax or phone with a quote.
Click to download Molding Price Quote Request Form.

Please note:

To eliminate any potential problems with the final product, we will need a small sample of the molding that we are reproducing. Even though manufactures use the same name (Stafford or Windsor for example) to describe a certain molding each mill might make their molding a little different. A small 3" or 4" piece provides us with the exact molding to check our knives against or to have custom knives made to match. For painted pieces we strip the paint to get down to the original molding shape and size.